i forget that princes don’t have tails
until they kick at the water i am trying to make their home.

i forget that sailors drink no salt
until their bodies shrivel and wrinkle in the sea.

i forget that that captains must, too, breathe air
until my kisses do nothing to warm their lips.

i forget that i am not meant to care for them
until my sisters congratulate me on their death.

i forget that lovers can drown as well as enemies
until, one by one, they go limp in my arms.

i forget that i cannot cry
until it is all i cannot do to mourn.

i forget i am a monster
because what good would remembering do?

mermaid’s lament" - r. c. e. (via asteropes)

(via swimmingamongmermaids)

April 17th, 2014 ☼ 3,019 notes
The most beautiful red velvet cake I’ve ever seen. 🍰 (at Carthay Circle Restaurant and Lounge)
Hey DCA, can I just take one of these chairs home as a birthday present?💝 (at Mad T Party)
I’m clearly much more of a teacups enthusiast than my dad. He’s just too hardcore for this.💫
✨Prince of my heart.✨
I am 16 going on 17. ✨💖✨ (at Mad Tea Party)

I’m delving into the waters of drawing backgrounds so this is my attempt and I’m really bad with hair but I think this turned out okay.
This is inspired by Claire Keane.

oh my gosh, her eyes.